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Bridal Consultant + Event Planning

We create lifetime stories through events, while keeping our clients calm and centered. We strongly believe in building a solid rapport with all our clients, while at the same time being honest and transparent and that going that extra mile will always create amazing, successful results and events.

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Unforgettable events

There’s always something magical about beautiful and well planned events. From celebratory, to corporate, and even events that celebrate ones life as they pass. I believe in creating once in a lifetime events that tells a story and are completely stress-free.



“I want to thank you for what you have done for me already in preparation for Tamisha and Sean’s wedding. I was really impressed by your approach and forwarding me the bridal procession. You made my life a lot easier already. Today I was able to get my order of service ready for the couple for our meeting tomorrow, something I am not usually able to do until I have that last meeting with the bride and groom. Thank you, June”

I'm Janice Smith

bridal consultant + event planner

With over 18 years of event planning experiences, awards and creditations, I’ve been blessed to have my work featured on television and magazines.

Here at Future Occasions, I believe there’s always something magical about beautiful and well-planned events. From celebratory, to corporate events, and even events that celebrate one’s life as they pass.