We work with organizations

to launch successful events

Since 2014 Future Occasions has been working in communities across Canada to raise funds and bring awareness for those struggling in poverty.

We plan and execute fundraising events for our clients to help achieve the purpose of their Cause.

It’s giving back to communities and connecting with like-minded volunteers who work to help the underserved. Fundraising events strengthen the community we are a part of, while at the same time reducing stress, depression that is associated with poverty.

Hoops for Hunger

raising awareness on poverty in Canada

Hoops for Hunger was created by Janice in 2014.  The games were organized to inspire a youth community with compassion for those who suffer from hunger. Its purpose is to raise funds for those who face hunger every single day in Canada.

This fundraiser is open to players of all ages from communities across Canada. The event is executed live, and now virtual, allowing supporters from all over Canada to participate.

Our goal is to raise funds and awareness on issues of hunger while being active in the sport of basketball. With the two combined, we can help change lives.


Empowering through education

Our mission is to provide education to children and adults living in communities where access to education is restricted, whether because of socioeconomic conditions, language, or societal barriers.

The New Horizon School in Muñoz, Dominican Republic was founded in 2006. The school serves children in the Muñoz community, ages 3 and up, who would not otherwise have access to education.